Tridon - UB Series - Uniband, All Stainless

CT1 - Banding Tool With Cutter - Tridon Uniband Clamps

  • Used for UB Series (Uniband)
  • Enables correct tensioning of band and provides easy cut-off facility
  • Supplied with instructions


InstructionsFor tensioning and cutting of Tridon Uniband (UB series) style clamps and strapping
Features crank handle along with inbuilt cutting assembly to enable band style clamps or strapping to be tensioned and cut in during installation
Manufactured from heavy duty steel construction for maximum strength and durability
Suitable for use on steel strapping up to 25mm (1")
Note: CT1 will not crimp the clamp or band, crimping is achieved by using Tridon Uniband Buckles available in 3 types (UBL, UBF and UBS part numbers)
Overall length: 420mm (Max.)