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BS0058 - Carburetor Adjusting Tool Set

  • Designed for those hard-to-reach air/fuel mixture screws on most multi-cylinder motorcycles
  • Special angled drive design assists in aligning the bit with the carburetor adjustment screw
  • 9 piece set includes Flat, Phillips, PH#2 & D-type bits
  • Supplied in a durable metal case


Specifications90° Angled Slot Blade Adaptor
90°Angled Bit Holder Adaptor
40mm (L) D Type Socket Bit
35mm (L) PH2 Bit
58mm (L) PH2 Bit
35mm (L) Flat 5mm Bit
58mm (L) Flat 5mm Bit
95mm (L) Flat 5mm Bit
Auxiliary Handle