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Clutch Hub/Counter Balancer Sockets

  • Specialised lug type sockets for removing and installing counter balancers and clutch hubs
  • Made of heat-treated steel
  • Available in 4 and 6 point configurations
Part No.NameStyleSize
BS2493Starter Gear Nut Wrench6 Point28.5mm I.D. x 40mm O.D. x 4 point (6.0mm)
BS3004Clutch Hub/Counter Balancer Socket6 Point13mm I.D. x 6 point (4mm)
BS3002Clutch Hub/Counter Balancer Socket4 Point18mm I.D. x 4 point (4.5mm)
BS3001Clutch Hub/Counter Balancer Socket4 Point21mm I.D. x 4 point (5.7mm)
BS3003Clutch Hub/Counter Balancer Socket4 Point24.0mm I.D. x 4 point (5.5mm)
BS3009Clutch Hub/Counter Balancer Socket4 Point30.5mm I.D. x 4 point (5.8mm)
BS3000Clutch Hub/Counter Balancer Socket4 PointSize 1: 20.5mm I.D. x 4 point (5.25mm) Size 2: 24.5mm I.D. x 4 point (5.25mm)
BS3008Clutch Hub/Counter Balancer Socket4 PointSize 1: 26.5mm I.D. x 4 point (5.25mm), Size 2: 30.0mm I.D. x 4 point (5.25mm)
BS2501Oil Filter & Clutch Hub Socket 24.0mm I.D. x 4 point

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