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  • The use of solar energy to generate electricity is still an important element for the implementation of renewable energy supply
  • The installation of a solar system is an investment for several decades, whose return depends very much on the quality of the installation work that has been carried out. Long-term resistance to extreme weather, and the efficiency of the wiring and connections, are major factors in the performance of any solar system
  • All individual solar panels need to be properly connected, meaning short wire routing to minimize conduction losses and good solid connections. Gas-tight, corrosion-proof and weather-resistant crimps help ensure minimal losses and good energy transmission even after many years of use
  • Rennsteig offer a wide selection of specific solar cutting, stripping and crimping tools that are available individually or in professional time saving installation kits
Part No.NameLengthQuantity
624 004 3 1Multifunctional MC4 Solar Tool - 4mm²200mm 
624 006 3 1Multifunctional MC4 Solar Tool - 6mm²200mm 
690 001MC4 Connector Assembly Tool115mm2 Piece Set
624 105 11Professional Solar Installation Kit - MC3 & MC4