Rennsteig - Punches

Parallel Pin Punches XXL

  • Used for removing pins in parallel holes. Designed to punch holes when struck by a hammer
  • High bending resilience for longer service life and higher elasticity
  • Ground and polished surface
  • Rennsteig punches are made of chrome vanadium steel
  • Forged, quenched and tempered as a whole to guarantee good resiliency and long service life
  • Made in Germany
Part No.NameLength
451308Parallel Pin Punch XXL - 8mm225mm
451310Parallel Pin Punch XXL - 10mm240mm
451312Parallel Pin Punch XXL - 12mm260mm
451314Parallel Pin Punch XXL - 14mm275mm
451316Parallel Pin Punch XXL - 16mm290mm
425154Parallel Pin Punch XXL Set - 5 Piece