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Fork Dust Seal Drivers

  • Detachable hammer enables front fork oil seals with an inner tube to be installed easily and accurately
  • Full range of driver sizes to suit most forks (21 sizes)
  • Click here to view complete application list
  • For models not listed check inner diameter and select driver size accordingly
Part No.NameSize
BSD00356Fork Seal Driver - Universal 
BS9827QFork Seal Driver27mm
BS9827RFork Seal Driver30mm
BS9827SFork Seal Driver31mm
BS9827AFork Seal Driver32mm
BS9827BFork Seal Driver33mm
BS9827TFork Seal Driver34mm
BS9827CFork Seal Driver35mm
BS9827DFork Seal Driver36mm
BS9827EFork Seal Driver37mm
BS9827FFork Seal Driver38mm
BS9827GFork Seal Driver39mm
BS9827HFork Seal Driver40mm
BS9827JFork Seal Driver41mm
BS9827UFork Seal Driver42mm
BS9827KFork Seal Driver43mm
BS9827LFork Seal Driver45mm
BS9827MFork Seal Driver46mm
BS9827VFork Seal Driver47mm
BS9827NFork Seal Driver48mm
BS9827WFork Seal Driver49mm
BS9827PFork Seal Driver50mm

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