Bikeservice - Steering & Suspension

Fork Cap Sockets

  • Specially designed sockets to remove octagonal front fork caps
  • Use with 3/8" Sq. Dr. or 19mm spanner
Part No.NameSize
BS4030Front Fork Cap Socket45mm Octagonal
BS4031Front Fork Cap Socket46mm Octagonal
BS4032Front Fork Cap Socket49mm Octagonal
BS4033Front Fork Cap Socket50mm Octagonal
BS4052Twin Chamber Front Fork Socket32mm Octagonal
BS4051Twin Chamber Front Fork Socket36mm Octagonal
BSD50006Ducati Fork Cap Socket - Ohlins 39mm 
BSD50007Ducati Fork Cap Socket - Ohlins Mechatronics 42mm 
BSD50008Ducati Fork Cap Socket - Marzocchi 46mm 
BS50009Ducati Fork Cap Socket - Sachs 50mm 

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