Tridon - Wiper

Tridon FlexConnect®

  • Tridon FlexConnect™ is a unique wiper system where the blades and connectors are purchased seperately. This means you only pay for what you need.
  • Tridon FlexConnect™ offers the latest in wiper technology, featuring a superior wiper blade with ultimate wiping performance and clearer vision. The Tridon FlexConnect blade is based on Tridon FlexBlade® technology and proven performance.
  • The Tridon FlexConnect™ unique Multi-clip system is designed to reduce inventory without compromising performance or ease of fitment.
Part No.NameFeatures
TFC14Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC15Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC16Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC17Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC18Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC19Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC20Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC21Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC22Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC24Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC26Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
TFC28Wiper Tridon Flexconnect™ 
HK-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Hook Pair 
HK-10Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Hook 10 Pack 
TL-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Top Lock Pair 
TL-10ConnectorTridon Flexconnect™ Top Lock 10 Pack 
SL-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Side Lock Pair 
SL-10Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Side Lock 10 Pack 
TLP-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Top Lock Push Button Pair 
TLP-10Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Top Lock Push Button 10 Pack 
TLN-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Top Lock Narrow Pair 
TLN-10Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Top Lock Narrow 10 Pack 
PB-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Push Button Pair 
PB-10Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Push Button 10 Pack 
BY-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Bayonet Pair 
BY-10Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ Bayonet 10 Pack 
MB-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ MB Pair 
MB-10Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ MB 10 Pack 
NX-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ NX Pair 
NX-10Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ NX 10 Pack 
RN-2Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ RN Pair 
RN-10Connector Tridon Flexconnect™ RN 10 Pack 
TFCPBWiper Flexconnect™ PB Double Pack For Colorado RG• Contains 1 x PB18 and 1 x PB22 Plus a PB-2 pack Of Connectors