Tridon - Cable Ties

Metal Detectable

  • Manufactured for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical processing industries, Tridons Metal Detectable Cable Ties feature a food safe metal additive which is dispersed evenly throughout the entire body of the cable tie. Thanks to this complete dispersion, even small pieces of these cable ties will be detected by correctly calibrated metal detection systems.
    Easily identifiable blue colour
    Suitable for high humidity liquid environments
    Usable as part of the HACCP Process
    Material: PA66MP (Polyamide 6.6 with metal particles), UL94 HB
Part No.NameFeatures
CT103MD-100Cable Tie - Metal Detectable• Size: 100 x 3mm<br /> Quantity: 100<br /> Colour: Blue
CT154MD-100Cable Tie - Metal Detectable• Size: 150 x 4mm<br /> Quantity: 100<br /> Colour: Blue
CT205MD-100Cable Tie - Metal Detectable• Size: 200 x 5mm<br /> Quantity: 100<br /> Colour: Blue
CT405MD-100Cable Tie - Metal Detectable• Size: 390 x 5mm<br /> Quantity: 100<br /> Colour: Blue
CT408MD-100Cable Tie - Metal Detectable• Size: 390 x 8mm<br /> Quantity: 100<br /> Colour: Blue