Tridon - Hose Clamps

QR Series - Quick Release

  • The Tridon QR all stainless perforated band clamp range provides unique quick release design between the one piece housing and band
  • The quick release design allows for quick and easy installation in restricted or difficult areas
  • The QR series is ideal for applications where the clamp must be open for installation, used extensively in telecommunications and cable installation industries
  • Clamps can be joined together to achieve greater dimensions
  • QR (Quick Release Clamp) Band - 304 Stainless Steel (14.2mm wide) Housing - 304 Stainless Steel Screw - 410 Stainless Steel (8mm slotted hex head) Bridge - 410 Stainless Steel
Part No.NameSizeQuantity
QR-036PQuick Release Clamp - Pack23mm - 70mm10
QR-036Quick Release Clamp23mm - 70mm100
QR-048PQuick Release Clamp - Pack42mm - 90mm10
QR-048Quick Release Clamp42mm - 90mm100
QR-072PQuick Release Clamp - Pack51mm - 130mm10
QR-072Quick Release Clamp51mm - 130mm100
QR-088PQuick Release Clamp - Pack51mm - 152mm10
QR-088Quick Release Clamp51mm - 152mm100
QR-104PQuick Release Clamp - Pack51mm - 176mm10
QR-104Quick Release Clamp51mm - 176mm100
QR-128PQuick Release Clamp - Pack60mm - 215mm10
QR-128Quick Release Clamp60mm - 215mm100
QR-152PQuick Release Clamp - Pack60mm - 254mm10
QR-152Quick Release Clamp60mm - 254mm100
QR-188PQuick Release Clamp - Pack60mm - 311mm10
QR-188Quick Release Clamp60mm - 311mm100