Tridon - Hose Clamps

TMB Series - Magnetic Bases

  • Tridon Mmagnetic hose clamp bases eliminate the need to drill holes in chassis rails, steel beams and other metal applications
    With a holding force of 72kg, they deliver the ultimate solution for clamping, gripping and fixing components to all metal surfaces
    For heavy duty truck, mining, indistrial, farming, manufacturing, construction and DIY applications
Part No.NameFeatures
TMB001PMagnetic Base Assembly• Ideal for holding electrical cables, hoses, hydraulic and air lines.<br /> Nickel housing encased rare earth (Neodymium) pot magnet.<br /> 72kg of attractive force<br /> Diameter: 42mm<br /> Height: 24mm<br /> Screw: M6<br /> Qty: 6<br /> Ideal for use with Tridon vinyl coated and Tridon rubber lined P-clamps