Tridon - Hose Clamps

TTBU Series - T-Bolt Ultimate

  • The Tridon TTBU part stainless T-Bolt Ultimate clamp range provides superior design and proven reliability
  • Designed and manufactured by Tridon, the TTBU series has a solid stainless steel band with a rolled edge and smooth underside to prevent hose damage; along with an extra strong construction to deliver high strength for superior sealing
  • Clamps are packed in individual blistered cards and are ideal for performance automotive and general applications including turbo charging, intercooler, intake and exhaust applications
Part No.NameSizeQuantity
TTBU29-31CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp29mm - 31mm1
TTBU32-35CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp32mm - 35mm1
TTBU36-39CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp36mm - 39mm1
TTBU40-43CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp40mm - 43mm1
TTBU44-47CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp44mm - 47mm1
TTBU48-51CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp48mm - 51mm1
TTBU52-55CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp52mm - 55mm1
TTBU56-59CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp56mm - 59mm1
TTBU60-63CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp60mm - 63mm1
TTBU64-67CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp64mm - 67mm1
TTBU66-70CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp66mm - 70mm1
TTBU68-73CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp68mm - 73mm1
TTBU71-76CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp71mm - 76mm1
TTBU74-79CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp74mm - 79mm1
TTBU77-82CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp77mm - 82mm1
TTBU80-85CT-Bolt Ultimate Clamp80mm - 85mm1