Tridon - Hose Clamps

TEC Series - Double Ear

  • The Tridon TEC series clamp range provides a simple, economical solution for many difficult tightening and sealing problems
  • The double ear design allows for quick and easy installation, the clamp is passed over the material that is to be mounted, to tighten; the ears on either side of the clamp are squeezed together
  • Manufactured using carbon steel zinc plated, the TEC series clamps are perfect for use on compressed air, gas and liquid lines
  • Pincing pliers SCP-1 & FCP-1 can be used to ensure correct installation
Part No.NameSizeQuantity
TEC46-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 204mm - 6mm20
TEC46Double Ear Clamp4mm - 6mm100
TEC57-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 205mm - 7mm20
TEC57Double Ear Clamp5mm - 7mm100
TEC79-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 207mm - 9mm20
TEC79Double Ear Clamp7mm - 9mm100
TEC911-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 209mm - 11mm20
TEC911Double Ear Clamp9mm - 11mm100
TEC1113-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2011mm - 13mm20
TEC1113Double Ear Clamp11mm - 13mm100
TEC1315-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2013mm - 15mm20
TEC1315Double Ear Clamp13mm - 15mm100
TEC1517-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2015mm - 17mm20
TEC1517Double Ear Clamp15mm - 17mm100
TEC1518-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2015mm - 18mm20
TEC1518Double Ear Clamp15mm - 18mm100
TEC1720-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2017mm - 20mm20
TEC1720Double Ear Clamp17mm - 20mm100
TEC2023-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2020mm - 23mm20
TEC2023Double Ear Clamp20mm - 23mm100
TEC2225-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2022mm - 25mm20
TEC2225Double Ear Clamp22mm - 25mm100
TEC2325-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2023mm - 25mm20
TEC2325Double Ear Clamp23mm - 25mm100
TEC2528-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2025mm - 28mm20
TEC2528Double Ear Clamp25mm - 28mm100
TEC2831-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2028mm - 31mm20
TEC2831Double Ear Clamp28mm - 31mm100
TEC3134-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2031mm - 34mm20
TEC3134Double Ear Clamp31mm - 34mm100
TEC3437-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2034mm - 37mm20
TEC3437Double Ear Clamp34mm - 37mm100
TEC3740-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2037mm - 40mm20
TEC3740Double Ear Clamp37mm - 40mm100
TEC4043-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2040mm - 43mm20
TEC4043Double Ear Clamp40mm - 43mm100
TEC4346-20Double Ear Clamp - Pack of 2043mm - 46mm20
TEC4346Double Ear Clamp43mm - 46mm100